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03.03.2010 Hornet finally on the market!
Why after more than a hundred years of brilliant achievements in aeronautics, it is still considered a luxury? Every time you need a recent 'look from above' or dream of up-to-date aerial maps, associated costs still swamp your operations! Sampling air pollution, making a photo of well defined construction site, all this shouldn't be hard with all the technology we have today.

The UAV Design Team from Trigger Composites decided to deliver the solution that is targetting our real needs: creating a truly useful, fully automatic flying machine that is not meant to rely on heavy infrastructure. An airplane that is robust, repetitive, complies with aerial laws in most countries and supports operational safety better than existing military counterparts.

And so Pteryx was born, relatively small, fully autonomous but also flyable as a stable flying model, able to carry fully enclosed cameras, research equipment - whatever the user wants to install in its voluminous fuselage.

Pteryx has the unique capability of flying several photomapping missions from different locations without using the groundstation.

Use custom UAV with a custom autopilot designed for civilian missions: after a short training, you can extend your business with aerial technology!

Pteryx is ready to help you in the following areas:
  • Photogrammetry
  • Publicity
  • Land property surveillance
  • Environmental Survey
  • Search and Rescue
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Research
  • Energy sector
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