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For you we will draw up... what does not yet exist.

When you need a device, vehicle, or even a portable building, and you cannot find one anywhere, then contact us. We will design a project which will surely match you requirements. When it is ready, we will make a prototype, and if there's a need, we will organize multiple production. It doesn't matter whether you need something small or big - we will manage. When you're requirements concern the esthetic sphere, the geometry project will be made by one of the leading Polish industrial designers - Marcin Matuszek.

WE GUARANTEE that we will do everything possible to make your product absolutely exceptional.

Our construction office is equipped with everything that is essential to make projects and calculations of the highest world level. In order to produce your project, we have solid modeling stands. To perform an endurance test, we will make calculations with analytical methods and the finite element method. If there is a need, we can make aerodynamic calculations with classic methods or with the Computational Fluid Mechanics method. We are not afraid of complicated and hard projects.

Be careful! Cooperating with us, you might be sentenced to SUCCESS!


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