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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAV technology seriously began in the years of World War II with the German V-1 flying bombs. Nearly forgotten due to the fast development of rocket technology, UAV slowly regained their position in the military.

Yet, the machines were still big, expensive and unreliable. The development of small UAVs began in Israel. At first, they were small and simple planes with model engines, steered by programmers, which were similarly complicated as those of V-1. It was with the development of computer technology that this field could spread its wings for good.

Today's unmanned planes (as well as helicopters) are small robots crammed with electronics, which replace humans in dangerous or laborious tasks. Many systems have been developed which serve to patrol and reconnoiter. Also, first trial runs have been made with armed UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

The development of this new technology allowed it to spread from the military to the civilian world. Our product is very untypical in this category: it combines the advantages of an airplane (simple and cheap construction) and a helicopter (maneuverability and a wide range of speed).

We have developed two series of UAVs: wide speed range PRz-1 series, and long endurance Pteryx UAV.

Read more about Pteryx UAV at its site:

UAVs of the PRz-1 series make use of the newest aerodynamic developments similar to those used in modern fighter planes, at the same time remaining as simple as possible. They can be equipped with film and photo cameras as well as other devices. They may be used to supervise large facilities, to protect the environment, etc.  



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