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When a thought becomes an action...

The most important phase of each project is its production. It doesn't matter whether it is supposed to be single unit or multiple production - we will organize it for you in a way as cheap and as of great quality as possible. In our workshop we make all the high loaded elements of our products. To ensure the best possible effects, we invite and cooperate with our subcontractors to work on the projects. They are experts of the highest class with many years of experience in their fields. What matters to us the most is the quality of our products.

Our constructions are made mainly from polymer composites. These highly modern materials allow to build light, and at the same time strong and lasting products. Depending on the needs, the surfaces of our products may be colored or made as chemical resistant.

For production we use glass, carbon and aramid reinforcements together with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins. We use the following production methods: contact method, spraying method, vacuum bagging, resin infusion and pultrusion. To ensure the best production quality, our workshop is equipped with aggregates which are used to apply gelcoat and resin.

Be on your guard ! Our products may exceed your expectations!


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