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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

We present you a short article which was published in April in „Lotnictwo Ultralekkie i Sportowe" magazine (En."The Ultralight And Sport Aviation") concerning our hovercraft ( scanned version of the article).

OSA - is it for everyone?

     The fishermen sitting by the water were highly surprised when they heard an unfamiliar noise coming out from the bushes. Although they heard the engine, the sound still was odd since it couldn't possibly be a motorboat. The lake was shallow, full of seaweeds and muddy islands. Together with the growing noise, the curiosity grew what machine was hidden in the bushes...
     They saw a strange yellow vehicle. It didn't look like any other boat. In the low part it consisted of a raft, but the upper part looked like a great solid. Suddenly the vehicle turned to the beach. The men were observing with anxiety how the man in the vehicle floats with the high speed to a sandbar. But the vehicle didn't crash at all, instead, it slowly drove to the beach and stopped next to the car with a trailer.

     This story could happen elsewhere in Poland. All you need is a large flat area like pitch, parking, or even beach and you will experience a feeling which is only possible when driving a hovercraft. Never ending slide, very comfortable drive, multi-flexible body and rudder maneuvering, and the necessity of a constant predicting since hovercraft cannot be stopped at once.
     I am going to discuss a small hovercraft which has been designed especially for amateurs and to educational purposes. Its idea concentrates on safety and simplicity so it is perfect for people who has never flown a hovercraft. Thanks to the simplified pilotage it is trivially easy to learn the basis of controlling the vehicle. But take a look closer.


     OSA is made of glass-polyester composites. While investigating it, what attracts your attention is the propulsion system and the integral seat. In general, the solid of OSA is not similar at all to those hovercrafts which can be seen in television. The main reason is that OSA's designers wanted it to be extremely safe. So they used a massive seat as a dividing line between a pilot and the propulsion system, which in the same time is a part of the uplifting system. Inside of this system is installed a fan, which forces the air under the machine. Behind the seat is situated a propeller. Both fan and propeller are powered by one engine, hanged on a frame.
     On the right side of the seat is located a steering stick, on which are installed both a throttle lever and the ignition switch. Near to the pilot's seat is situated a special holder which helps with body balancing during the drive. No additional tools are needed.
     It may seem to be too easy but only when you start the engine and locate yourself on the seat, everything becomes clear and reasonable.


     The started engine rattles in a characteristic way for two-strokes. Before the hovercraft lies new fallen February snow. The depth of it reaches 30 cm and it is hard to walk on it. One can doubt if OSA ever goes out from snow but if you never try you will never know. After taking a seat nothing limits your visibility. Steering stick in your right hand, handler in the other one - this is our the only one "connection" to the hovercraft. There are no seatbelts, panes, cockpit, or doors. The lack of cockpit seems to be natural, but the absence of seatbelts may be surprising. Those can be ordered as an additional tool, but often, when hovercraft crashes it is better to not be tied to the seat.
     When you slowly, steadily pull the accelerator, the hovercraft begins to raise. Rotations are not too perceptible. Surprisingly the hovercraft is raising lightly from snow and speeds up. Acceleration is not large, but the growing speed brings the adrenaline. There is a turning coming on but there is no instructor who would give us a helping hand. Moving the steering stick causes the turning of the hovercraft, but the direction has hardly changed. Only when we start coordinating the stick and balancing our body the hovercraft takes the turning. Mastering the turnings takes a while. The more we turn, the slower we "fly". By moving in a straight line we can achieve the top speed, but it is dependent on the surface. When we travel over the ice or concrete the speed can achieve 60km/h. That is a lot, when it comes to a vehicle which length is 2,5m and power 14hp. The very first impression after driving OSA is "the intimacy of a nature". The hovercraft is perceived as a magic, flying carpet, not as an ordinary machine. In sight of a pilot there are no buttons or other elements, which, frankly speaking, are useless. Besides, the visual experience during the trip are so breath-taking that there is no use of observing the display.

Back to earth, so, whom hovercrafts may apply to?

     Professional, powerful hovercrafts have one thing in common - high price. And there is blame on the producers. The building of the engines involves a lot of work, time and money. But there are not many people who can afford a toy, which cost as many as a brand new car. OSA was invented purely for amateurs, for whom this hovercraft will provide tones of fun while using in recreational purposes. The controlling of OSA can be learnt without anyone else's help and - to make things better - its price is highly attractive.

How can I become a proud owner of OSA?

     The cheapest way of becoming an owner is to buy the mounting kit of OSA. All of the tools and devices which cannot be installed by oneself are already done for you - the rest if totally up to your imagination and creativity! All you need is to assembly propulsion and steering system, and other non-problematic and easy things. No painting, unpleasant bonding, but lots of fun and satisfaction from watching how our little „child" is growing into powerful machine. If you do not have much time to construct OSA by yourself, you can order the already built one. We do not offer a "standard equipment" here. Everything, which OSA is able to contain and lift can be easily installed: you wish for more powerful engine? An electrical installation? Or maybe an upholstered seat? - No problem...
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