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OSA Sport II
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OSA Sport II

The best recreational hovercraft.

OSA Sport of the second generation is a proven construction: precisely tested, supported by a huge experience. Its construction is built from light and very firm polyester-glass composites. Due to such solutions the hovercraft weighs only 140-160 kg. This is the best result within the class. The use of the ventilator has increased the safety of exploitation.

OSA Sport II is a flying prove to the fact that a good hovercraft can be produced in Poland.

Imagine that you are one of the proud owners of OSA Sport II hovercraft... All of the waters areas are waiting for you in the summer. You can travel over the surface of rivers, lakes, swamps etc. You can also travel over meadows, or even asphalt. Possibilities are growing together with the coming of winter...Snow and ice are perfect for hovercrafts. Their speeds often achieve over 100km/h. Your hovercraft is a whole-year machine. It is up to you, if you want to feel this freedom which offers you OSA...

OSA Sport II offers a wide range of unique features which cannot be found in any other hovercrafts:
  • Passive safety - thanks to the division of propulsion system from pilot
  • Active safety - thanks to marvelous characteristics of pilotage and reduction of "plough-in"
  • Performance - by dint of the system's high quality and low price, OSA is very dynamic
  • Agility - which is provided by two joined direction helms
  • Reliability - thanks to extremely ingenious and simple construction
  • Low price which you can shape by yourself - thanks to mounting kits
  • After-sales service - because we do answer phones from our customers
OSA Sport II is equally perfect for recreational travelling, touristic or sport. Roomy cockpit is able to fit lot of equipment or spare fuel. Additional fuel containers have enough space for 40l of fuel, which last for very long trips.

OSA Sport II can be purchased in the mounting kit to build it yourself or already built. We are the only one company in Middle Europe which offers the purchase of a hovercraft in a form of a mounting kit. Thanks to such solution our hovercrafts are widely known among those people who are interested in taking up this hobby.

Be careful! Purchasing the OSA Sport II may change your life for better...

  • Length: 3300mm
  • Width: 1670mm
  • Maximum displacement: 450kg
  • Curb weight: 110-160kg
  • ngine: Rotax, MRZ640, Kawasaki or others according to customer's request
  • Maximum weight of crew on the water: 120kg
  • Maximum weight of crew on the ground (surface hardened): 150kg
  • Maximum speed on the water:~50km/h (depends on the engine)
  • Maximum speed on the ground (surface hardened): ~80-100km/h
  • Average fuel consumption: 8-15l/h
  • Floating height: 170mm



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