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Manta (En. Manta Ray)

Roots - the early days of the flying craze

In 2003 two students decided to build a hovercraft. They were about to graduate, so it was high time to bring the project into being. This is how the story begins, the story thanks to which the best Polish recreational hovercraft was designed...

After the deep analysis of a potential market, current types of hovercrafts and our own possibilities, we came up to the idea of creating a small recreational hovercraft, which could be also sold as a mounting kit. Manta was equipped with small engine and size. It was supposed to give the impression of a scooter.

For this hovercraft we designed a traditional integrated circuit. It was designed in a way other hovercrafts were, but smaller, cheaper and much more accessible.

We quickly finished the first phase: project and building, so we moved to testing. After some problem the lifting system started to work properly. The main issue was low efficiency of a fan, which is specially designed for the conditions of a lifting system. The most important conclusion is that the integrated circuit does not apply to our needs: it has to little efficiency and is not safe enough due to the lack of a barrier between propulsion system and a pilot.

Thanks to such experience gained during the testing this slow and small hovercraft we developed a certain idea which has revolutioned the world of the recreational hovercrafts. After the test on Manta we set up to designing of OSA Compact (En. Wasp Compact) .


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